Lawyers for Yes is a group of barristers, solicitors and law students formed to advocate a "Yes" vote in the forthcoming Marriage Equality referendum. Our aim is to clarify the legal issues arising.

Our document "The Case for Marriage Equality" clearly explains the legal context and legal effects of the proposed amendment to the Constitution, and deals with a number of extraneous matters that have arisen.

You can download the document at this link, watch highlights from the launch or below learn why marriage matters and how surrogacy is not an issue in the May 22nd Marriage Equality referendum.

Updated: 21st May 2015: Lawyers for Yes - Final Statement

Updated: 18th May 2015 Lawyers for Yes explain why surrogacy is not an issue in the Marriage Equality referendum

Updated: 15th May 2015 Lawyers for Yes tackle the core differences between civil partnership and marriage

Updated: 8th May 2015 Read our response on the right to procreate, donor-assisted human reproduction and surrogacy